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Reston Group Training

High Risk Search Warrants

High Risk Search Warrants

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For too many years Hostage Rescue Tactics have been used to serve High Risk Search Warrants.  While generally successful, it has exposed SWAT Officers to additional, unnecessary, risk.  This 24 hour course will expose SWAT Officers to a proven, more measured approach that balances the mission to secure the location with the nationally recognized Priority of Life standards, and the principles of CQB.  Topics will include; planning, individual tactics, team movement, and proper discrimination.  Over the span of three days, this cover the necessary skills, practical exercises, and Force on Force scenarios.

Topics covered will include:

  • Mindset
  • Mission Purpose
  • Mission Planning
  • Outer Threshold Tactics
  • Room Entry Tactics
  • Multiple Entry Points
  • Link Ups
  • Firearms Manipulation
  • Low Light Tactics

Days are typically 9-10 hours in length with a short lunch break. Certificates are given upon successful completion of the third day.

Required Equipment:

  • AR15 style rifle
  • Weapon mounted light
  • Rifle sling
  • Pistol W/ Magazines
  • Rifle with the ability to participate in force on force scenarios (Pistol Optional)
  • Full Tactical Gear
  • Clear eye protection
  • Long sleeve shirt
  • Gloves
  • 250 Marking Cartridges
  • 100 Live Rifle Rounds
  • 50 Live Pistol Rounds

(Marking cartridge conversions and ammo available for rent and purchase if needed at a cost of $250.00.)

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