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Reston Group Training

2-Day Performance Gun Fighting - Mod 2

2-Day Performance Gun Fighting - Mod 2

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A fast paced follow-up to Performance Gunfighting Mod 1. Participants in this course should have a core understanding of marksmanship fundamentals and strong, safe weapons handling skills. Building on these fundamentals, participants will be taken to a higher level of competency through practical, advanced drills and non-traditional shooting techniques. Participants should have completed a basic pistol and rifle course from a reputable instructor to attend this course. (Applicants with extensive experience may also be considered on a case by case basis).

Download Reston Rifle & Pistol Standards

Topics covered will include:

  • Weapon Zeros
  • Safety
  • Grip
  • Stance
  • Accuracy
  • Speed
  • Positions/Non-Traditional Positions
  • Multiple Threats
  • Reloads
  • Malfunctions
  • Shooting on the Move
  • Mindset
  • Barricades
  • One-Handed Shooting
  • One-Handed Weapon Manipulations

Days are typically 9-10 hours in length with a short lunch break. Certificates are given upon successful completion of the second day.

  • Rifle
  • Serviceable Pistol
  • 3 Rifle Magazines
  • Pouches for Rifle Magazines
  • 3 Pistol Magazines
  • Pouches for Pistol Magazines
  • 550 Rifle Rounds / 500 Pistol Rounds
  • Rifle Sling
  • Eye and Ear Protections
  • Serviceable Holster
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